LEGUAR™ is first SMC™*** device and an innovation in the field of high-end medical robotics intended for professionals involved with knee injuries and clinical conditions: orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists, as well as sport professionals: athletes, coaches and scientists.

It is the first efficient way for preventing injuries, decreasing the symptoms of the knee OA and improving the result of rehabilitation. Much needed tool in medical and sports environment. It supports guided and individual treatments and efficient injury prevention in professional sport and every day life.

LEGUAR™ offers cutting edge performance enhancement not obtainable through conventional training or rehabilitation methods.

*** SMC ™ or Suprakinetics ™ is a revolutionary new technology born out of synergy of high end robotics and advanced software solutions.


Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
Knee Specific
LEGUAR ™ is designed exclusively for knee treatment. No compromise is made on account of versatility, as with all other [“multi-joint”] devices. Primary function and design focus is treatment of degenerative and traumatic knee conditions, as well as pre- and post-surgical treatment.
Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
Two precision servo motors, each dedicated to one knee, provide the basis for extremely efficient treatment. Combined with improved exercise structure and setup, this design enables maximum performance in minimum time.
High-end components are paired with the proprietary SMC™ drive and its algorithms. This combination gives superb performance that surpasses everything known or used so far. Leguar™ closely resembles finer human motorics and it is paramount for efficiency and active safety.
Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
LEGUAR™ utilizes an intuitive human-machine interface that controls sophisticated robotic solutions in an innovative way. Twin touch displays are designed for controled, guided, supervised or operator free use. Precise data recording with high frequency sample rate provides advanced analytic possibilities for professionals as well as patient and protocol management tools.

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