At our center we treat knee pain with maximum efficiency and care.

Knee is the largest and most complex joint in our body. That is why we created a center specializing exclusively in the treatment of knee conditions.

Specially designed programs successfully reduce knee pain and fully restore functionality to weak or damaged knee and other related structures.

By combining cutting-edge technology with specific approach, we set a new level of efficiency.

Bol u koljenu

what we do

We successfully treat painful conditions and knee injuries using sophisticated technology, specific knowledge and advanced concepts in treatments and training.


Suprakinetic™ Motion Control is an integration of robotics and an advanced software which:

  • effectively reduces or eliminates knee pain
  • reduces the risk of knee injuries
  • improves knee performance
  • provides quick knee recovery
  • raises the quality of life

LEGUAR™ indicated conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • ACL rupture
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Overuse injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Total knee repair
  • Unicondilar knee repair
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Multi liagament knee reconstruction
  • Patella femoral surgery
  • Meniscus reconstruction
  • Menisectomy
  • Cartilage repair surgery
  • Osteotomy

    what makes us different

    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
    Our working principles and specific setup are new in the world. By combining state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatment concepts, we achieve a new level of efficiency in kinesitherapy. The overall performance of the center is fully optimized for efficient knee treatments.
    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
    most advanced technology
    SMC™ and LEGUAR™ represent the pinnacle of technological development in the field of kinesitherapy and knee training. This sophisticated robotic technology is the result of many years in research and development born out of experience in medicine, sports and kinesitherapy.
    Individual approach
    We work individually with each client. Our programs are fully adapted to the current condition, capabilities and specific goals of the individual. Our approach is primarily oriented towards the end result and the efficiency of the process itself.
    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija
    Accelerated and complete return of knee function
    Quality progress in a short time is a key feature of this approach. Most of the treatments we perform last from two to four weeks. We also have the additional ability to continuously monitor and work on further improving the functional abilities of the knee.

    about THE technology

    LEGUAR™ is the first SMC™ device in the world, extremely effective in treatment and prevention of knee injuries. This innovative technology represents the future in knee recovery and significantly increases the effectiveness of standard medical procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

    You can read more about the technology by clicking THE link HERE.



    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu

    People with knee injuries

    Pre- and post-operative care has a major impact on the success and consequences of surgery. Loss of muscle strength due to injury has always been one of the biggest problems for a successful recovery. Many recognized orthopedists are increasingly requiring their patients to have a specific level of muscle strength before, as well as after the surgery. The primary goal is to build muscle strength without putting additional strain on the injured joint. Suprakinetic™ technology provides just that - a safe way to rapidly increase functionality through adequate activation of individual muscle groups.

    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija - zdravi ljudi

    Healthy people

    In addition to regular clients diagnosed with knee joint damage and professional athletes who want to improve their performance, Leguar Center provides a valuable opportunity for the general healthy population to raise the quality of their lives. We train individuals who want to improve their physical condition in order to safely enjoy recreational sports such as skiing, cycling, etc.

    Leguar - specijalizirani centar za koljeno - bol u koljenu - tehnologija -nogomet

    top athletes

    If we consider how much resources are invested in athletes around the world, injury prevention and top performance have become the main interest of every sports coach and manager. Our center is a special ally of professional athletes and teams - by reducing the risk of injury, providing specific training and achieving adequate recovery, we give professionalism a new dimension.


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